Sports betting and entertainment machines in Windhoek

Where can you play on sports betting and entertainment machines in Windhoek? Visit us in Windhoek, Namibia at Independence Avenue, opposite Hilton Hotel.

What do we offer?

It’s the only entertainment center in Windhoek which offers three different technologies like for example amusement arcades, gambling machines and sports betting. There are amusements machines what means the entertainment equipment which offers to play and win by using your manual skills. The prizes vary from $1 up to a smartphone or a touchpad. There are also gambling machines which are very advanced because of progressive jackpot, touch screen and more than 24 games. What is progressive jackpot? It is called progressive because there is an opportunity to win extra cash through accumulation system since the jackpot increase ever time the games is played. Therefore, each player either collect or contribute towards a greater prize. Finally, there is a sports betting platform which is operated by touch terminals. The machines contain a very intuitive interface what leads to the whole betting experience being much more enjoyable.

Gambling in Namibia. Why are we different?

Each gambling market has its own preferences because every customer is different. The most popular gambling machines in Namibia are roulette jackpots. Therefore, the Namibian gambling markets suffers from limited availability. That is why our idea was to bring the games which are more technologically advanced. The gambling machines which we present in our main gaming shop in Windhoek at Independence Avenue allow the player to gain edge by using different strategies like free spins, double the money by taking additional risk, decrease the risk by taking half to credit. Because the gaming software on our machines has a detailed explanations of game rules and odds that is why the player always knows what he can win or risk. Visit our shop and experience it by yourself.

How to bet online?

We have 24/7 WhatsApp support group. Contact us to join. We share current fixtures, match results prediction and latest promotions.

Bet directly from your phone

LuckyBet offers online betting services. How to bet directly from your phone:

  1. Visit
  2. Register your account (choose REGISTER in top right corner)
  3. To charge your account visit our shop or ewallet the money on 0815526587
  4. Withdraw your money by visiting our shop or by sending us SMS request
Operating hours

We are open every day. Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 or the last customer. Weekends from 9:00 to 16:00 or the last customer.

Amusement machines, gambling and sports betting Namibia
Amusement machines, gambling and sports betting Namibia
Amusement machines, gambling and sports betting Namibia