• Product type: Designed for the whole family. The most frequently played by boys and guys.
  • Size: Height 202 cm, Width 104 cm, Depth 122 cm
  • Weight: 130 kg
  • Power: 21.6 W (demo mode), 426 W (game mode)
  • Perfect for places like: Entertainment areas for children, bars, beer gardens, wedding venues, accommodation facilities, amusement parks, gaming centers, bowling clubs
  • Numbers of players who can play simultaneously: 1 players
  • Age: +12

Coin operated. Secure cash box.

Provide the possibility of volume adjustment and music selection.

User friendly interface to control the settings and profitability.

Number of attempts adjustable to coins inserted.


Note! The machine has wheels so that it can be easily moved.


How to play ?

  1. Insert the coin and press start.
  2. Grab the hammer and hit the intended point with maximum impact.
  3. Wait for your score to be counted. The fun is to measure your strength against other players. Congratulations if you have set a new record.