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Are coin-operated machines a good business? Like in every business there are aspects worth thinking about before making investment decisions. In this blog post we will present what should be taken into consideration when starting your adventure with coin-operated amusement machines. Our goal is to make sure that the business is as profitable as possible.

  1. Identifying market needs and customer’s desires

First of all, choosing the right amusement machines is crucial for arcade business. Each market has its niche. The most desired machines in one local market can be completely unknown to customers somewhere else. If you would like to find out what kind of equipment your customers might like, a good way to start is by going around and taking a look at your competitions work. Visit a nearby arcade amusement center and check which machines are surrounded by most players. It might be a good indication to identify whether the machines are desired by your prospective customers. If you don’t know any amusement arcade centers nearby, contact us for advice.

  1. Maintenance and durability

The truth about this business is that the machines have to earn money and there is nothing worse than an unreliable coin operated amusement machine that stands in the warehouse resulting in rent expenses instead of generating income. The main costs in this case are related to storage, repair and transport. Choosing the right supplier which is selling reliable machines is crucial, but also remember the job is not done just after you make a purchase. Having  basic knowledge about how to service and do simple maintenance and repairs is very important. Therefore remember when choosing your supplier to also find out about the guarantee, spare parts availability and a post-warranty support.

  1. Location

Paraphrasing the famous real estate tycoon the three most important things about coin operated amusement machines are location, location, location. What can help your business to develop and thrive is the presence of other businesses in the area where you decided to place your gaming equipment. Coin operated machines are working on scale. You get paid in a single coin so the busier place which you choose for your amusement business the bigger your chances are to get more of these coins. A very simple and obvious rule, but often overlooked by entrepreneurs blinded by the brilliance of their ideas.

Perhaps such a presentation on the subject seems too simplified, but what we suggest here is that when starting this business, it is good to talk to someone who already has some experience and knowledge about the arcade business. The pillar of coin operated business is to know in which machines customers put their money most willingly and what circumstances help maximize the profitability of the amusement business.

Contact us. We are advising on how to start your arcade amusement business.

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