• Product type: Designed for the whole family
  • Size: Height 175 cm, Width 128 cm, Depth 243 cm
  • Weight: 214 kg
  • Power: 260 W (230/V/50Hz)
  • Coin operated. Secure cash box.
  • Perfect for places like: Entertainment areas for children, bars, beer gardens, accommodation facilities, amusement parks, gaming centers, bowling clubs
  • Numbers of players who can play simultaneously: 2 players
  • Age: +7

Coin operated. Secure cash box.

Provide the possibility of volume adjustment and as well as a selection of music.

Possibility to change game duration and maximum number of goals. The norm in this game is a 5 minute time limit or a score of 9 goals.

User friendly interface to control the settings.

Option to add a tickets (prizes) issuance system.

Note! The machine is made of stainless steel. When transporting the machine, you can disassemble the legs and the frame located above the table where the display and the light is attached.


How to play ?

  1. Insert the coin and press start or wait for the game to start automatically till the air-hockey pucks are issued.
  2. Put the pucks on the table. Each player should be equipped the air hockey striker.
  3. The goal of the game is to place the pucks using the air hockey sticker  in the goals located in the middle of the shorter edge of the table.
  4. Players should use only one hand to hold the sticker.
  5. Play until the time ends or until one player scores 9 points.